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Getting To Know Your Neighbors

One of the main reasons my family and I moved to a small mountain town was to feel a true sense of connected community, and I think we hit the ball out of the park here in the Foothills. One of the ways I’d like to contribute to this connection of neighbors is by featuring local community members and businesses on my blog from time to time. So, welcome to my first installment of “In Local Focus” – settle in and get connected!

Toffee on Plate with Company Sign .jpg

I met Peter DeWolf this past April at the 2019 Foothills Home & Garden Show, put on every year by our amazing Rotary Club. He had a booth down the hall from my own to share his framing business, The UnFramer, and his Red Rocks Toffee Company toffee and, well, I couldn’t resist the temptation of sweets and his warm, inviting smile. We chatted for a bit and I quickly realized he had something special that I just had to share!


Peter began making toffee nearly 12 years ago while living in Steamboat Springs. A friend made some toffee from an old church recipe and, knowing Peter loved to cook and bake, gave some to him. Peter asked for the recipe, knowing if he made some tweaks he could infuse the toffee with that “WOW!” factor. 

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 Drawing from his love of BBQ and smoke cooking “where flavors are bold, primary and uncomplicated and lean to the darker side of the spectrum”, Peter was able to quickly transform the toffee to its current perfection. And when I say perfection that is exactly what I mean! The combination of flavors is divine and has the most sublime marriage of brittleness and melt-in-your-mouth nirvana.  Steamboat Toffee Company was born!

Red Rocks Toffee on a Plate.jpg
Side View of Toffee on a Plate.jpg

 In 2016, Peter moved to the Foothills and, in honor of the local and historic music venue, launched a new brand, Red Rocks Toffee Company. He is now situated just off the 285 in Morrison, where, if you’re lucky you can catch him dressed in a full gorilla costume, pulling some groovy dance moves for the highway passerby. 


I am happy and proud to announce that clients of mine now receive a complimentary box of delicious Red Rocks Toffee Company toffee as a thank you gift! How cool (and yummy) is that! 

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 If you’d like to read more about Peter DeWolf and Red Rocks Toffee Company, check out their website here (and here for The UnFramer). Do yourself a favor and stop by the office in Morrison, chat with Peter for a bit and grab a box (or ten) of their amazing toffee. I promise, you will not be disappointed…adults and children alike love it!

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